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Presiding Prelate & Chief Executive Bishop Dr. Gregory R. Wells , was called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the early age of 22. As a minister in the First Born Church of the Living God, Inc. He served preaching and teaching the word of God in his local church as well as other churches and institutions perfecting the call upon his life.

In 1994, Pastor Wells was elevated to a higher calling. He was recommended by the Presiding Elder of F.B.C. to be ordained in Washington, D.C. and was recognized by the National Board of Bishops to be one of the youngest men ever ordained within the First Born Churches of the Living God, Inc. as an Elder. The then Pastor Wells worked diligently in his church and was appointed as Youth Pastor. During his tenure as Youth Pastor, he was able to minister to the young the gift of restoration and reconciliation to Christ while mostly operating within the call of Evangelist.

In 2001 he received an appointment to serve as the National Evangelist of the First Born Church. After his completion of studies at the Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY.

Elder Gregory R. Wells was appointed to the office of Associate Pastor of Wells Temple F.B.C., Inc. Bishop Wells has served in many leadership capacities throughout his years of serving the Lord.

Bishop Wells and his lovely wife became the founders of Victory Living Christian Faith Centers, Inc. (Christian Faith Center’s Inc. Organization). where he is the Chief Executive Operating Bishop. In June of 2009 Bishop Wells received his Doctorate of Divinity becoming Dr. Gregory R. Wells. He is known for his wisdom, knowledge, and anointing in which the Lord has blessed him with. Bishop Wells has proven to be mature in his spirit never failing to call upon the anointing that destroy yolks. His devil-defeating demeanor is needed for such a time as this. God has given Presiding Prelate & Chief Executive Bishop Dr. Gregory R. Wells a profound vision in leading his family (wife Pastor Andrea G. Wells and 4 beautiful children 3 daughter’s and 1 son), his church family Victory Living and the Christian Faith Centers Organization as they endeavor to obtain VICTORY in every area of life. When in the presence of Dr. Bishop Gregory R. Wells, EXPECT ANNOINTED MOVE OF GOD!